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Selection Guide of Life Science

Note:Sensitive impurities-NA Not applicable;ND Not detected

Choose the suitable connection components (including decompression) according to the water inlet pipe diameter when it’s used as ultra-purfication system. And we suggest to choose the pressure barrel ≥40L.

1) Pay attention to the conditions of source water when select the model of Spring/Unique, when the conductivity of source water is greater than 200μs/cm or uncertain, equip 2-pass RO system, such as “Spring-R20i”
2) According to the daily usage amount to choose the water production when select the model of Spring/Unique,15-60L/Hsuch as “ Unique-R30 ”.
3) According to the usage amount of rush hours to choose the tank capacity when select the model of Spring/Unique, 10-60L.
4) If the water inlet of OMNI supply for the central pipe, decompression attachments should be installed at the inlet.
5) For the application of Spring in bioscience ,there’s no need to equip with MF if it will be sterilized before using.

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